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Story of Divination Clothing

  • We specialize in the exquisite Chikankari art of Lucknow and are weaving together its beauty and legacy in the world of fashion. We embrace tradition and innovation and seamlessly blend the royal heritage of Chikankari with contemporary designs.
  • Every piece is a testament to DiviNation’s commitment to preserving the cultural bequest. Our garments are canvases loaded with stories of intricate threadwork and delicate hand embroideries. Our products are a masterpiece of durability and craftsmanship as quality is our core feature.
  • We ensure that everyone experiences the charm and elegance of Lucknowi Chikankari and craft a sustainable future.
  • We empower local artisans and contribute to the preservation of centuries-old craftsmanship. DiviNation is not just a brand but is a storyteller. Every Kurti is a work of art with a touch of elegance and thread of our culture infused with contemporary silhouettes.

Our Team


Founder & Creative Director

“With foresight in her hands and threads of intuition, she wove fate's tapestry, founding a divination textiles company. Through fabric and mystic artistry combined, her entrepreneurial spirit intertwined destinies, crafting magic in every design”


Head of Production

"As the Head of Production in our textile company, Subhashini orchestrate the seamless transformation of raw materials into exquisite fabrics, ensuring quality and efficiency at every stitch."


Business Advisor

"As the trusted business advisor of our company, Aman navigate strategic landscapes, offering insights that steer us towards growth, profitability, and sustainable success. Through collaborative counsel and a keen eye for opportunities, I facilitateinformed decisions that elevate our enterprise."

Mr. Pramod

Marketing Manager

"As the Marketing Manager of our thriving e-commerce portal, Mr Pramod craft compelling campaigns that resonate with our online audience, driving engagement and sales. Leveraging digital strategies and consumer insights, I curate experiences that captivate, ensuring our brand stands out in the competitive digital landscape, fostering lasting connections."


Inventory Executive

"As the Inventory Executive overseeing every portal, I meticulously manage stock levels and logistics, ensuring seamless operations and timely deliveries. Through strategic forecasting and efficient inventory controls, I optimize stock turnover, minimizing shortages and maximizing profitability across diverse platforms. My role is pivotal in maintaining a well-oiled supply chain, meeting customer demands, and sustaining business growth."

Mohd Ahmad

Head Tailor

"As the Head Tailor of our divination Textiles, mr Ahmad infuse mystical artistry into every stitch, crafting garments that transcend the ordinary. Blending ancient wisdom with modern design, my needle weaves threads that embody the essence of enchantment, embodying the visions of our mystical textiles in every tailored


Quality Control

"As the guardian of quality within our divination company, Imraan meticulously scrutinize every fabric and enchantment, ensuring our products meet the highest standards of mystical craftsmanship. Employing precise measures and mystical insight, I ensure that each creation radiates exceptional quality and magical allure, captivating our clientele with its flawless essence."


Dispatch Executive

Suraj adeptly manages dispatch operations, ensuring timely deliveries while maintaining impeccable decorum and professionalism in every interaction, setting a standard
of excellence within our company

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