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Reaching the roots by crafting excellence

DiviNation Textiles has been a beacon of top-notch quality and high-end craftsmanship since its inception in 2018. Originating from the heart of the courteous city of Lucknow, DiviNation Textiles has carved a niche as a wholesaler and manufacturer of women’s kurtas, and kurta sets in Rayon, Cotton, and Chikankari.

Our Story

  • We specialize in the exquisite Chikankari art of Lucknow and are weaving together its beauty and legacy in the world of fashion. We embrace tradition and innovation and seamlessly blend the royal heritage of Chikankari with contemporary designs.
  • Every piece is a testament to DiviNation’s commitment to preserving the cultural bequest. Our garments are canvases loaded with stories of intricate threadwork and delicate hand embroideries. Our products are a masterpiece of durability and craftsmanship as quality is our core feature.
  • We ensure that everyone experiences the charm and elegance of Lucknowi Chikankari and craft a sustainable future.
  • We empower local artisans and contribute to the preservation of centuries-old craftsmanship. DiviNation is not just a brand but is a storyteller. Every Kurti is a work of art with a touch of elegance and thread of our culture infused with contemporary silhouettes.


  • Chikankari from Lucknow is an Indian art form that is timeless and incorporates techniques of exquisite hand embroidery. Fabrics like cotton, silk, and muslin are used to showcase delicate threadwork. This
    handmade artistry includes intricate stitches in jali kari, peach work, Taipchi, Phanda, Hool, Bakhiya, Kangan Murri, and shadow work.
  • Motifs are inspired by Mughal architecture and nature in Chikankari garments. Chikankari is known for delicate motifs and patterns in fine white threadwork on a pastel-colored base. Skilled artisans work using needle and thread for weeks or months to create a single masterpiece with perfection.
  • This rich cultural heritage of India has an appeal of handmade craftsmanship which is a testament to enduring beauty.  

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